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Add-on treatments deliver a targeted boost in no time!

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New Label -WFS_edited_edited.png
Invisible Expressions
Using the sub-sensory pulses of microcurrent technology, this add-on smooths and softens wrinkles among the forehead and eyes while providing essential hydration.
20 minutes     $40

Eye Treatment


Treat dark circles, puffiness, and dehydration around the eyes through pressure point massage and specialty masks. 

10 minutes     $15

Lip Treatment

Smooth away flaky, damaged, dehydrated skin to make lips silky again! Followed by a specialty mask that will stimulate collagen and lock in moisture. 

10 minutes     $15

Specialty Mask

A unique and powerful 24k gold mask applied over the entire face including the eyes and lips penetrating active ingredients, firming skin, and improving hydration. This innovative mask even turns into rubber as it sets so it peels off in one piece! 

20 minutes     $25

Oxygen Treatment

This regenerative treatment not only targets acne, replenishes nutrients and leaves you radiant, but is the ideal aid in restoring skin post chemical peels.  

15 minutes     $25

Wattle Wonder

Transform your neck and jawline into one you want to show off! A combination of potent vitamins, white tea collagen mask and cutting-edge microcurrent technology provides smoother, firmer, and lifted skin.

30 minutes     $50

Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

Don't let your hands give your true age away! This pampering service combines luxurious ingredients and advanced microcurrent technology to rejuvenate, tighten, and hydrate aging skin.

20 minutes     $30

Hand + Arm Treatment

Ease tense muscles through exfoliation, massage, and moisturizer. Perfect if you have arthritis, work with your hands, or always on the computer.

10 minutes     $20

Scalp Massage

Dedicated focus on the neck and scalp reduces headaches, relieves stress, and eases body tension.

10 minutes    $15

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